Dean’s Update – 2/21/2019

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Libraries, especially as we move into midterms, and we have a number of interesting events for Black History Month, Open Access Week and Collabfest coming up. The Libraries are becoming an even more happening place and we are engaging more closely with faculty and students across campus.
I wanted to provide you with some updates on our collection moves, as well as searches and committees appointments.
Move of Bound Journals to Depot: A task force has been formed which includes Robin Chambers (Chair), Lita Davis, Russell Terry, Jennifer Groff, Meredith Futral, Derek Wilmott, Kathryn Wesley, Maggie Mason-Smith, Lita Davis and Tab Wright. The task force has been meeting weekly to figure out the logistics of the move. As mentioned previously, the current focus are the science journals on fifth and sixth floor, as well as discards of JSTOR titles which are duplicated electronically. Based on feedback from the selectors, a move of at least some of the journals on first floor to the Depot is supported but this will probably be done at a later date as a phase 2. Members of the task force met with Patterson Pope earlier this week to discuss moving collections from Cooper to the Depot. Next steps – the production a report in March with specific recommendations, including timeline, estimated costs, and workflows for the project.
At the same time, Teri and I have been talking about what will happen on sixth once the collections are removed. We will be carpeting the space and plan to add some electrical outlets to the pillars. We will also be repurposing some of the tables on the floor and plan to purchase additional furniture. We are still projecting costs to determine what we afford to do right now and what might serve as the second phase of the project. Unknowns include the price of the collection move, electrical, etc. I’m also pursuing the acquisition of additional funds. Once we figure out the final scope of work, we hope to bring in some example furniture pieces for input from students and you, and then order items for the floor. Kudos to task force members and all others working on this project – this is complex and takes a village, and I’m grateful to all of you for your hard work.
Third Floor Government Publications Move: A task force has been formed which includes Melissa O’Neill (Chair), Kathryn Wesley, Melissa O’Neill, Yolanda Carter, Pat Gosnell, Jan Comfort and Robin Chambers. They have been meeting to plan collection moves on the third floor. The new electrical will prompt us to replace the carpeting. Since all collections and furniture will need to be moved anyway, it’s the perfect time to determine what belongs on that floor and what might move or be weeded. The current plan is to move the maps from third to first in Room 108. The room will remain open and some study space will be opened up. The microfilm will move to Room 107 and again the cabinets will be configured so that the study space currently in the room will be maintained. Selectors are currently weeding the government publications collection. Items that are in the process of being offered to others will be moved to Room 104, taking those off the floor and opening up additional study space. Also under discussion is a potential move of the Juvenile collection into Room 301. These moves and changes should free up most of the third floor for new study space, save an area in front of the science librarian offices which has tested positive for asbestos. Abatement would cost us an additional $100,000, so we’re going to avoid touching that area for now.

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