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Information & Research Services Monthly Update 05/14/2021

Friday, May 14th, 2021

Information Services


Library Services Desk
We are busily preparing for Fall. Nick Baldwin is now on day shift and will be handling technology reservations.
We’ve ordered several new tech items and will spend part of the summer cataloging and readying the items for checkout.
I&RS has successfully implemented our new eReserves platform, Leganto, AKA “Course Resources Lists.” Training will be offered for Faculty Liaisons on May 26th at 10AM and during the July 11th Research Services meeting. If interested in learning more, please contact someone on the Leganto Campus Engagement Team (Maggie Albro, Fredda Owens, Lori Bryant, Anne Grant, Suzanne Rook-Schilf, Bob Freeman, Rodger Bishop) for more information and a Zoom invite!
The Leganto Campus Engagement Team is also partnering with Clemson Online to participate in their Quick Hits instructional demonstrations, to be held via Zoom on July 15th and October 7th (more information and sign-up coming soon!).
I&RS is exploring the possibility of a Textbook Reserve Program for Fall 2021. Rodger Bishop & Yang Wu will begin program planning at the end of May and will hope to work with a potential (and generous) donation from CUSG. The Textbook Reserve Program aims to provide wider access to select course texts that we identify as high-need, such as those for classes with higher levels of student drop & failure, as well as texts that are significantly more expensive.
New summer hours – The Library Services Desk is open 7:30am-6pm Monday-Friday for the summer and closed weekends.

Cheryl Ruff, a facilities employee, is temporarily assisting at the Security Desk.
Student employee access has been moved to the 4th floor main entrance.
CUPD recently came by for an informal building audit.
Seat booking is no longer needed to visit the library, effective May 10th. However, Covid clearance is still required and patrons must scan to access entry to the 4th floor. Booking is still available for classrooms and computer workstations.

Finishing shifting forward on the fifth floor after clearing the remaining short ranges in March. We ended up with more space than anticipated and are now trying to shift forward periodically to even out the first 10 ranges to fill in gaps.
Dusting and straightening ranges on the first floor (not in areas where large amounts of mold were found).
Periodically dusting open areas of ranges on the fifth floor. It’s kind of a lost cause but we try to dust at least twice a month.
A scanning project started and a spreadsheet listing needed material circulated. All items were pulled, triple checked by students and the stacks supervisor. The spreadsheet was updated with missing items and other info. Found items were packed and are awaiting instructions to ship to the depot.
Another project concerning relocating the remaining theses/dissertations on the fifth floor to remote storage began as well. The process is still in its early stages and we anticipate getting started on pulling/packing theses around May 10.

The EMC and DML Lab have been collaborating with the Libraries to determine and implement COVID policy and space changes for the summer semester, which included relocating and socially distant line queuing for our CCIT Lab Printer as well as redistributing storage to reopen our meeting room for patrons. Cierra coordinated an amazing, socially distanced, and masked student employee appreciation event to end the semester and also conducted annual performance reviews of all 10 student employees. Tara worked with a College of Education faculty member to create an EDLT-8110 Advanced Children’s and Young Adult Literature summer course instructional video about the need for more diverse and #ownvoices books and assessment and development of inclusive classroom book collections. Gordon has been researching and ordering lots of materials for the EMC as well as Cooper’s juvenile collection.

Research Services
Faculty & staff in Research Services have continued to provide in-depth online research consultations and reference via chat and email.

Ongoing searches for:
A new Instructional Specialist
Health Sciences Librarian
Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian

Jenessa provided Health Information Resources Overview on 5/4
CU Navigate Training provided for pilot group of librarians who will provide research service via the CU Navigate (advisor) portal on 5/10
Liaison Training provided for liaisons on 5/12 about Leganto
Anne provided a chance for instructors to talk about how to report instruction in their annual reviews on 5/13

Anne and Megan provided a webinar for ACRL talking about the Instruction Reporting Form in Project Outcome on 4/19 – about 50 people attended this national presentation

Resource Sharing
General Updates
Updated ILLiad from version 9.0.4 to 9.1.3 on Friday, May 7. This enables us to use Atlas Systems Decision Support Pipeline, which is a system of routing and business rules that further automate filling requests.
Working on updating StaffWeb with courier and mailroom information.

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing
YTD physical materials borrowed (books, DVDs, etc.): 1034
YTD electronic materials borrowed (articles, book chapter scans, etc.): 1,349
Added Internet Archive as free lender through RapidILL
Added Linda Hall Library and Reprints Desk as lenders of last resort (since they’re pay services) through RapidILL

Interlibrary Loan Lending
YTD physical materials borrowed (books, DVDs, etc.): 511
YTD electronic materials borrowed (articles, book chapter scans, etc.): 631
Scan and Deliver
YTD scan requests: 797

PASCAL Delivers
Currently lent: 66
Currently borrowed: 124
The PASCAL Courier comes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. They will start running Monday – Thursday when the fall semester begins. (Please note, this is negotiated on a state level and we have no control over this.)

Offsite Storage
YTD circulation: 439 items
Working on plans to optimize space in 129 so that Russell, Erika, and student workers have:
6 specially fitted book carts that slide directly on Raymond forks in order to minimize lifting heavy book trays
Noise-minimizing space in which to work and participate in meetings

Starting May 10th, the courier will run from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Working with TSCM to move backlog of new books to Cooper and branches.
Remember to fill bins halfway to save everyone’s back!
Established listserv for communication re: courier among constituents. If you want to be added, please email Maggie Mason Smith at
Need to reserve the van? The van lives at the Depot and there is a shared calendar for its use. Email Renna Redd at to be added to the calendar to reserve.

Mailboxes in the mailroom are available for anyone who wants one. Due to social distancing, we are unable to deliver mail to individual units and departments at Cooper.

Library Announcements – 5/10/21

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Welcome, Jim!

We are happy to announce that Jim Tolleson will be joining us as a new Accountant in our Business Office.  His primary focus will be on managing the TS&CM budget in Alma and Peoplesoft as well as entering the TS&CM invoices in Buyways.  Over time, Jim will also learn the other functions of our business office in order to serve as a back-up for Karen.  For the last twenty years, he has worked as an Accountant/Fiscal Analyst II at SC Endeavors in Greenville, so he is quite familiar with the state’s fund accounting systems and will be a great asset to our team.

Jim’s start date will be Wednesday, May 12, 2021.  Please join me in welcoming Jim to the Clemson Libraries’ family.

–Karen Littleton

2021 Spring Wellness Series – Recordings

The recordings of the Spring Wellness Series hosted by OHR and Deer Oaks that took place last month are now available. You may find the recordings here:

–Kristy Snider

Professional Development Opportunities for the week of May 11-May 17!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteers for PASCAL Committees and Working Groups
    • PASCAL is seeking volunteers for its Committees and Working Groups for a two-year membership beginning on July 1, To volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer form by the May 15th deadline. For more information, click here.
    • If interested, please feel free to reach out to current and previous members for more information:
      • Lisa Bodenheimer – Cataloging and metadata
      • Wade Culler – Electronic resources, knowledgebase management, and link resolving
      • Renna Redd – Access services and resource sharing
      • Russell Terry – Discovery, reference, and end-user experience
      • Chris Vinson – Systems
      • Tara Weekes – Discovery, reference, and end-user experience
      • Derek Wilmott – Collection Management and Acquisitions
      • Kathy Edwards – Discovery, reference, and end-user experience
      • Maggie Albro – Training

Past Webinars

Sessions from Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival (April 12-16 at the University of Southern Mississippi) available online

Upcoming Webinars

 Tuesday, May 11, 11:00 AM – Sustainable Development Goals: Insights and Inspiration, presented by OCLC.

Tuesday, May 11, 12:00 PM – From the Other Side of the Pond: How US & UK University Libraries Can Learn from Each Other, presented by ACRL Choice.

Tuesday, May 11, 12:00 PM – ACRL ULS AOC: Outreach and OERs I, presented by ACRL.

May 11-13 – Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference 2021.

Wednesday, May 12, 1:00 PM – Finding Genealogy Resources and Tools on, presented by the National Archives Genealogy Series.

Wednesday, May 12, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM – Introduction to OER, presented by PASCAL.

Wednesday, May 12, 2:00 PM – Passive programming that Pulls Them In: Provocative Passive Programming Ideas, presented by Niche Academy.

–Organizational Development Committee

It’s Your Special Day in May!

Employee Recognition Day/Employee of the Year Announcement – Tuesday, May 18!


Please join your colleagues next Tuesday, May 18 at 3 pm for Employee Recognition Day! The planning team has been working hard to create a day that is fun, engaging, and honors all the hard work and perseverance Libraries’ employees have exhibited this past year. We’re all connected!

We have really cool employee gifts that we will be distributing and lots of door prizes will be raffled off at the event. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

–The Employee Recognition Day Planning Team
Rodger Bishop, Lili Klar, Clayton Ruminski, Cierra Townson, and Kellie Marlatt

–The Employee of the Year Selection Committee
Ed Rock, Melanie Keeler, Paula Smith

Coordinator’s Corner

Has all your work completely worn you out? If so, make things easier on yourself with this trick:

Simply click and drag any email and drop it onto the contacts symbol on the Outlook navigation bar.  Suddenly you’ve got a brand new contact with the email address and name automatically entered. Any additional information included in their signature line will be added, as well. Copy and paste to correct any misplaced information!

–Kellie Marlatt

Hey there! What’s Cooking?

Don’t let these masks stop you from sharing your important news! Please send any announcements to me at

–Kellie Marlatt



Dean’s Update – 5/8/21

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Good morning, colleagues.  It’s Friday!  Congratulations to our student assistants and all others who graduated this week.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.  Here is the latest:

  1. Committee appointments:  I have completed appointments to all library committees save the EDI Committee.  Thanks to all who served and rolling off the committee this year.  Here are the new members:
    • Web Advisory Committee:  Camille, Megan Palmer, Renna – 3-year appointments
    • Marketing Committee:  Lili has been added for a 1-year term.
    • Organizational Development Committee:  Maggie Mason-Smith and Kellie Marlatt – 3-year appointments.
    • EDI Committee:  Derek – 3 year term, Kirstin O’Keefe – 2 year term.  Still have one more slot to fill.
  2. Marketing Update:  We have identified a Temp and are awaiting permission to move forward.  I will also be meeting with the Marketing Committee, making them a more formal Libraries committee and engaging them in assisting in particular with helping to develop a campaign to welcome students and faculty back to the Libraries this fall.
  3. Summer/Fall Plans: EPG met last week, discussed summer and began preliminary planning for fall.
    • We don’t anticipate any changes for summer.  Testing, entrance protocols, capacity management, masks, distancing remain in place.
    • For the fall, we are hearing no social distancing or capacity limits, but masks and testing will continue.  In-person meetings, classes and events will take place as they did prior to COVID-19.  Final decisions on this will be made June 25.
    • Summer changes:
      • Starting Monday, May 10, we will no longer be requiring seta booking.  We have not seen the capacity issues we expected and summer will be slow.  Computer table booking will continue. Depending on the response, we may bring back seat booking to a certain area of the library if there is student demand.
      • Student assistants will be able to enter through the main entrance starting Monday. They will still need to scan in.
      • Quarantining of [physical library materials will cease starting Monday.
    • Fall prep:
      • Furniture moves (return of chairs and tables) are tentatively scheduled for July 12.
      • We are making arrangements to start up meeting room bookings again.
  4. Service activity opportunity:  Teri and I are working on a service activity outside on campus at the end of the month. We are going to be planting the bed in the traffic circle in front of the Watt Center.  All plants and tools are being provided by campus facilities.  Teri will put out a call for volunteers.  The activity will take place during work time, so you don’t need to take leave, but check with your supervisor if interested.
  5. Writing Lab Move:  We are continuing discussions with the English department about a move of the Writing Lab to the Libraries, opening here in the fall.  We are targeting the juvenile collection room and the offices vacated by the University Press as the location.  A final location for the juvenile collection has not been identified.  We are discussing the room on third floor past the classroom as a possibility (currently houses vending). The climate remains promising for a move, but final decisions and specific plans have not been made yet.
  6. Association of University Presses Application:  We are in the final stages of completing the Clemson University Press’ application to the Association of University Presses (AUP – John and I hope to have good news about this in the fall.
  7. Strategic Planning and Library-wide Goals for FY22:  Yesterday LLT met to discuss the documents shared with you previously regarding progress to the library-wide goals for FY21 and to identify the goals for FY22.  Megan Palmer will be working with the units and project leads to report on our progress this year and updates will be added to a new interactive version of the strategic plan on the web site.  There was general agreement on the goals for FY22, following the color-coded strategic plan document.  I will be working on a final version for distribution next week.  Lastly, we discussed the “signature programs’ list, identifying areas of strength that we would invest in further.  If you have any additional ideas related to this list, send them my way.

That’s all for today.  It’s a beautiful one out there.  Have good one and a great weekend!

LLT Agenda – 5/6/21

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Date:                                     5/6/2021
When and Where:          1:30-3:00 p.m. – Zoom


  1. Libraries Strategic Goals – FY21: Reporting Progress
  2. Libraries Strategic Goals – FY22: Identify (Review Libraries Strategic Plan Color Coded by Year document)
  3. Libraries Signature Programs: Review draft and discuss

Parking Lot:

  1. Organizational Culture Plan with Latoya and Tan (in process)
  2. Change Management Next Steps (part of the above)
  3. Incorporating IDI into employee work plans and goals (EDI Committee assisting)
  4. Indigeneity projects (Working with Gantt Center)

Library Technology Monthly Update 05/03/2021

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

Greetings, colleagues! Welcome to the second edition of Library Technology’s monthly updates. I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet this time around, but feel free to let me know if there’s something you want to know more about!


  • Beginning June 2, TigerOne Card Services will have IDs available on Android phones and watches to all employees and students, in addition to the IDs currently available on Apple iPhones and watches. Starting this summer ALL incoming students will have to use Mobile ID and no more TigerOne cards will be issued unless the student doesn’t have a device, doesn’t have a compatible device, or elects to purchase a plastic card. An announcement will come out this month to publicize the change. We worked with TIgerOne this spring to ensure that all of our public-facing card reading systems are compatible with the mobile IDs on Apple and Android devices, so none of our public services should be affected by the change.    
  • As of last Friday, April 30, Sirrine Hall is no longer available as a study space. As noted by Suzanne in today’s announcements, the Libraries will not require seat booking for the summer. Study rooms will still be bookable and we are considering seat booking for spaces/zones that have limited capacity such as the 6 computers on the 4th floor or a silent study area on the 2nd floor. This will go into effect May 11. Bhavin will update our home page and the seat booking site to reflect these changes. Chris Vinson is working with other campus partners to determine their needs for seat booking over the summer. 
  • Our second shipment of 34-inch curved monitors have arrived! Richard and Paul will work on getting those out to you as soon as possible. Kudos to both of them for unpacking and moving a half dozen palettes of monitors!


  • Ex Libris hosts our servers for Alma and Primo VE at a data center in Moses Lake, WA, but the provider of that data center has decided to close that facility. Therefore, Ex Libris must move the servers housed there to a new data center in Seattle, WA over Memorial Day weekend. This move will result in 24 hours of downtime for Alma and Primo VE. This change will not impact any system settings. 
    • Downtime will be from 9pm EDT Saturday, May 29th to 9pm EDT Sunday, May 30th.
    •  We are already scheduled to be closed that weekend with summer hours. The hours in Alma have been confirmed as accurate so that items due on those days will not accrue fines. 
    • PASCAL is coordinating global and local alerts in Primo while a team here in the Libraries is working on messaging our alerts for the website. We will begin to show these alerts on May 17th.  
  • This year the annual Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) meeting will be online and at no cost spread over various days in May. See the ELUNA Annual Meeting page for details and registration information. These sessions are focused on updates from the ELUNA Steering Committee, ELUNA Working Groups, and Ex Libris Management. The first session was scheduled for today and the program runs throughout the month. All events will be recorded and available to view on demand.

Creative Technologies

  • As announced by Dean Cox in March, we will receive $250,000 from Adobe to refresh the Adobe Digital Studio! Renovation priorities will include updating the technology and infrastructure in the video and audio studios, adding new collaborative areas and pop-up teaching space. 
  • Cooper Makerspace expansion project still ongoing. More to come about strengthening the relationship between the Adobe Digital Studio and the Cooper Makerspace during this period of expansion and innovation… 
  • Hoping that some work for both projects will happen this summer but TBD on final completion dates because of some pauses from the university on construction projects. We’ve been approved to proceed with construction for Cooper Makerspace 
  • ADS will be open by-appointment only this summer. Access help or the studios using the forms found on the ADS page of the Libraries website. Cooper Makerspace will be mostly closed, as we work on cleaning and packing, but the Watt Makerspace will be open generally 9-5 M-F.