Some of the services that are provided in Special Collections are:

Reference and Research Assistance

The Special Collections Library staff provide reference service in-person and via email, mail, fax and phone. Staff can assist with the library catalog and the collection finding aids, can help identify material of interest and can answer questions about holdings and services. While staff members do not provide research services, they can help find student assistants who are willing to do the research for a fee (to be negotiated between the patron and the student).

Research Consultations

Special Collections Library staff provide consultations to researchers interested in using the Library’s unique materials. A consultation can include the formulation of a paper/thesis/dissertation topic based on the Library’s holdings, instruction in using the collection finding aids effectively and assistance in identifying material at other institutions that can be used to research the topic chosen.

Tours & Class Instruction

Special Collections Library staff conduct tours for university classes and outside groups. A tour includes general information about the Special Collections Library’s collections, services and programs, a glimpse of some of the items in the collections and a behind-the-scenes look at the facilities. Class tours also include instruction on how to use the collections effectively.

Information for Visitors

Permission to Publish

Reproduction/Duplication Services

The Special Collections Library allows the duplication of papers, photographs, slides, video, microfilm and audio in its collections, provided they are not subject to restrictions due to the condition/fragility of the item, copyright, and any donor stipulations. Photocopies and scans up to 11″ x 17″ are possible.

Patrons may photograph materials, including fragile materials and artifacts, under the supervision of Special Collections Library staff. Flash photography is not permitted.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation or tour, contact us.