All users must complete a Photoduplication Request form before photocopies
of materials can be made.  
Permission to photocopy does not constitute permission to publish.

Each item to be duplicated must be evaluated by Special Collections Library staff based on:

  • Physical condition and size:  many items, especially rare books, maps or large architectural drawings, are too large and/or fragile to photocopy without endangering the originals.
  • Copyright issues:  if the item is a published document, copyright restrictions may apply. If the item is unpublished, copyright may rest with the author or his/her heirs.
  • Restrictions set by donors: some manuscript collections have restrictions against photocopying.


All requests for photographing material with a camera or  mobile devices must be made in person to the Special Collections Library staff.

Patrons are required to fill out the Rules for Using Digital Cameras in the Reading Room Form before any photographs are made.

Flash photography is not permitted.