From the Archives: Eclipse Over Campus, 1984

Clemson University will be a prime viewing location for the total solar eclipse on August 21st.  The campus lies directly in the path of totality and a large number of visitors are expected to view the event with students, faculty and staff. The College of Science has prepared a full day of speakers and activities related to the eclipse.

There is no record of any campus activities during the last coast-to-coast total solar eclipse that passed over Clemson in June 1918, likely because cadets were gone for the summer and the country was in the midst of World War I.

In May 1984, however, the campus experienced an annular solar eclipse. An annular solar eclipse is when the lunar disk does not completely block the sun like it does in a total solar eclipse.  The Department of Physics and Astronomy sponsored a viewing event and visitors young and old joined the campus community for educational activities.  Below are photos of the 1984 event from the University Archives.