World War I on exhibit in R.M. Cooper Library

World War I on exhibit in R.M. Cooper Library

The exhibit “World War I and the Clemson Community” is on display in the lobby of R.M. Cooper Library through May 15, 2017.

The exhibit looks back 100 years to Clemson’s response to the United States’ April 1917 entry into The Great War that had been entrenched in Europe for nearly three years.   It includes an overview of the war experiences of Clemson students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as the Army and Navy training programs that took place on campus, the hiring of the College’s first women faculty members and the devastating influenza pandemic of 1918-19. The war experiences of Thomas S. Buie, class of 1917, are examined in more detail through his letters and photographs.

Materials in the exhibit are from Clemson University Libraries Special Collections and Archives.

After May 2017 see the online version of this exhibit here

Thomas S. Buie (right) at Camp Oglethorpe, 1917


Military training along the banks of the Seneca River, c1918