Tigers and Paws in Cooper Library

Tigers and Paws in Cooper Library

A new exhibit in Cooper Library looks at over a hundred years of representations of the Clemson Tiger, and The Paw, in artifacts, photographs and publications from the Special Collections Library.

Originally used for the football team, “Tigers” soon became the nickname for all Clemson sports teams and eventually for all Clemson students and alumni. The name is used for clubs, organizations, academics and other activities related to the University. It represents the strong and loyal spirit that is Clemson.

The Clemson tiger mascot has appeared in many forms, from real animals to steel sculptures to costumed mascots to cartoon drawings.  Sometimes he’s friendly and sometimes he’s fierce. And sometimes he’s a she!   In 1970, the tiger’s Paw became another familiar symbol of Clemson University.

“That the Roar May Echo: Clemson and Tigers Through the Years” is on display in the lobby of R.M. Cooper Library through October 12th. The University will commemorate Tiger Conservation Week September 23-27.

1963 tiger and soldier

Hirsch tiger Clemson House

1974 paw painters