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  • “Prominent Carolinians Golf with Feminine Champs at Augusta”“Prominent Carolinians Golf with Feminine Champs at Augusta”
    Maureen Orcutt (second from left) was in the early years of her notable golfing career when she was paired with South Carolina state senator Edgar Brown (second from right) in an exhibition match c1932. Orcutt eventually won more than 65 major tournaments between the ages of 19 and 61, playing during a time when there was no women’s(...)
  • “The Father of IPTAY”“The Father of IPTAY”
    Recently processed additions to The Rupert H. Fike Papers (mss 34) doubled the size of this small but important collection. Fike, a 1908 Clemson graduate and namesake of Fike Recreation Center, was known as “ The Father of IPTAY” for his role in organizing the first meeting of the organization at his Atlanta home in 1934.
  • The Integration of South Carolina’s Cooperative Extension ProgramThe Integration of South Carolina’s Cooperative Extension Program
    One hundred years ago, The Smith-Lever Act expanded land-grant colleges’ mission by establishing the Cooperative Extension Service, a national system under the USDA, to take information generated by land-grant university scientists directly to the people in each state. The Smith-Lever Act sanctioned a segregated program for African American residents by allowing states to choose to channel funds through white land-grant schools only.