Digitization Projects and Partners

Open Parks Network grant through IMLS, the National Park Service, and Clemson University

TOTAL: 340,588 images
In house: 199,315 images
Outsource: 141,273 images

  • Photographs (including slides): 92,063
  • Negatives: 39,135
  • Aerials: 5,517
  • Glass negatives/slides: 524
  • Documents (bound/unbound/handwritten): 43,321
  • Stereotypes/scopes: 6,972
  • Hebarium specimens: 1,010
  • Oversize and maps: 10,773
  • Donor cards: 141,273

Parks: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP; Andersonville NHS; Blue Ridge Parkway; Carl Sandburg NHS; Castilla de San Marcos NM; Congaree National Park; Cowpens NMP; Cumberland Gap NHP; Florida State Archives; Fort Pulaski NM; Fort Sumter NM; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Harpers Ferry NHP; Jimmy Carter NHS; Kings Mountain NMP; Mammoth Cave National Park; Natural Resources Division NPS; NPS-TIC; North Carolina State Parks; Outer Banks Group; Saguaro National Park; South Carolina State Parks; South East Regional Office NPS; Timucuan National Preserve; Vicksburg NMP; and Yellowstone National Park.


The Citadel, Daniel Library

-“Sphinx” yearbook scanned with a Betterlight Super8k used with book cradle (344 images).


Coastal Carolina University

-“The Independent Republic Quarterly” journals. Scanned with Epson 10000XL (5556 images). Coastal News article on the project.


Columbia College

-Early historical documents from Columbia College including diplomas, class rings, sorority pins, and student records. Scanned with an Epson 10000XL, Atiz Bookscanner Pro, and PhaseOne IQ180 (2346 images).


Furman University

“Materials Towards a History of the Baptists in the Provinces of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia” by Morgan Edwards, 1722. Scanned with a Betterlight Super8k (244 images).


Greenville County Library Systems

-McBee & Sons Store Ledger (1846-1858) originally scanned with a Betterlight Super8k and rescanned using an Atiz Bookscanner Pro (502 images).

-Maps scanned with a PhaseOne IQ180 digital back.


Historic Mobile Preservation Society of Alabama

-Newspapers and scrapbooks scanned with an Epson 10000XL, PhaseOne IQ180, and Atiz Bookscanner Pro (2627 images).


Pendleton District/Historic Commission

-Davenport nitrate negative collection. Scanned with an Epson V750 Pro (573 images).

-Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church records consisted of photographs, manuscripts, journals, and letters scanned with an Atiz Bookscanner Pro and an Epson 10000XL (1718 images).


Presbyterian College

-William Plumer Jacobs collection consisting of photographs, manuscripts, journals, and books. Scanned with an Epson 10000XL, Betterlight Super8k, and Epson V750 Pro (306 images).



-“A Nickel and a Prayer” by Edna Jane Hunter. Scanned with a Betterlight Super8k (229 images).


Upcountry History Museum

-Wilson Photographic Collection, 1941-1986. Collection consisted of mostly negatives scanned with an Epson 10000XL, Epson V750 Pro, and a Kodak iQSmart3 (14,413 images).