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The Office of Library Technology of the Clemson University Libraries provides leadership in the creation, preservation, and promotion of digital content. We serve as a regional supplier of content to the South Carolina Digital Library with special emphasis on the Upcountry of South Carolina.

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South Carolina Digital Library

Clemson University is the Upstate scan center for SCDL, working with Furman University, Greenville County Library System, Pendleton District Commission, Presbyterian College, Upcountry History Museum, and more. You can visit SCDL at SC Memory.

National Park Service

As part of the Open Parks Network grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, we have worked with dozens of parks in the Southeast region and nationwide to digitize over 150,000 archival objects and 1.5 million bound pages of research and reports. Visit the beta site for the Open Parks Network.

Digital Public Library of America

The DPLA will aggregate all of our collections, along with those in the SCDL and other digital libraries across America, to combine into one portal for all to access. Visit them at dp.la.