Streamlining Checkin

Streamlining Checkin of Non-Owned Items to Be Put in Transit

When an item is checked in that belongs to another location and is to be put in transit to its owning location or to another location to satisfy a hold, the system automatically:

  • checks in the item
  • sets the item in transit
    • sets the item record’s status to ‘t‘ (IN TRANSIT)
    • inserts a transit message in the item record
    • adds the word (HOLD) to the item’s IN┬áTRANSIT display for items fulfilling item-level holds
  • prompts you to print a transit slip

When an item that was put in transit is checked in at its owning location, the system automatically:

  • checks in the item
  • clears the item status
  • removes the “transit” message from the item record
  • suppresses the confirmation message indicating that the item’s status has been cleared


Last updated on 11/1/2018