Diacritic Display in Millennium clients

A box in place of a diacritic in records and the Character Map generally means that the character is not supported by the font being used.

Complete the following checks to display diacritics:

  • Ensure the Arial Unicode MS font, ARIALUNI.TTF, is installed in the Fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts)

Innovative has found the Arial Unicode MS (Microsoft) font provides a wide coverage of diacritics and non-Roman characters, and so recommends its use. Since this font is not supplied with the base Windows software package, it can be downloaded from H:\Library\Share\Millennium\Fonts.

  • Ensure that the Innovative Font Properties file, fontconfig.properties, is installed in the C:\Millennium\jre\1.6.0_02\lib subdirectory

If needed, this file can be downloaded from H:\Library\Share\Millennium\Fonts

NOTE: Updating Millennium with a new version of Java is the only other known occasion for downloading a font file to the \lib subdirectory.


Last updated on 1/24/2018