Scholarly Communication

Scholarly Communication describes the system through which researchers share the results of their research. The rise of electronic publishing and dissemination has irrevocably transformed this system—making it as rife with opportunity as it is murky to navigate.

The Scholarly Communication Team assists Clemson researchers in several key ways:

Infrastructure:  Managing and developing an openly available database of Clemson scholarship, TigerPrints. TigerPrints serves as a platform to increase the impact of our scholar’s research, while raising the visibility of the University. TigerPrints can also be used to publish electronic journals and other unique Clemson-produced materials.

Education: Developing online and in person educational resources to help faculty understand their publishing options and copyright agreements and how those options affect the impact of their work.

Rights Management: Working with faculty to help them secure their rights to their scholarship, raise awareness of copyright transfer agreements and how they impact one’s ability to share one’s work online.