Digital Scholarship

Digital Scholarship at Clemson consists of a suite of services designed both to help Clemson researchers increase the impact of their works through open online dissemination, and to create new digital objects to further expand the possibilities of digitally-oriented research.

Essentially, Digital Scholarship at Clemson consists of two components:

  1. Assisting Clemson researchers to understand and take advantage of the new types of scholarship and modes of dissemination made possible by the Internet
  2. Creating new digital objects and eliminating copyright barriers to born digital items to ensure the availability of “raw materials” for these new modes of scholarship.

The Scholarly Communication Division and the Digital Projects Division work collaboratively together and with others in the library to further enhance access to Clemson scholarship and unique materials. If you have ideas for digital projects, or thoughts on how we can support the needs of your researchers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Digital Collections

Scholarly (journals, theses, dissertations) and historical manuscript collections can be found on TigerPrints.

Thesis or Dissertation digitization request form

Historical, image-based collections can be found on Clemson’s Digital Collections page.