Clemson University File Storage Options

The Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) organization provide students, faculty, and staff with a variety of file storage options for retaining and sharing institutional data. The options include file storage hosted at Clemson (U:/ and H:/ network drives) as well as storage provided by approved Cloud Vendors (Box, OneDrive, Google Drive).  The table below […]

CCIT Remote Work Information

CCIT has developed guides for our students, faculty, and staff as a primer for technologies to help you succeed while working and studying remotely. Each page will provide an introduction to technologies relevant to you, explain why they are important, and provide resources for getting started with each. However, our most important piece of advice […]

Create labels(folders) in Google Webmail

In the google webmail( find a message that you want to filter and check the box next to it. Click on the Labels option to the left of “More”, has a tag symbol on it. Select “Create new” at the bottom. Give it a name under “Please enter a new label name:” – And hit […]