Video Conferencing – Depot Conference Room 101

Main Screen This is the screen that will be on the touchscreen in the middle of the table If you are wanting to use the webcam for any reason, then you will need to choose ‘Start Video Conference Mode‘. Choosing ‘Start Video Conference Mode‘ will activate the touchscreen, all of the lights in the room, […]

Video Conferencing – Room 309

Using the video conferencing mode in Room 309 is very simple. First make sure that you see this screen:             If not, press the power off button to restart the system. This should take 2 – 5 mins. The room will not turn on the webcam unless the system is […]

Jabber Video Client for Windows/Mac

The client installs for Jabber Video are available on the G: drive in the software folder.  G:\Software\Jabber Client.  There are seperate folders for the Windows and Mac installers.  There is a client available for IOS on iPad only, no Android. After installing Jabber Video you will have to configure the settings. At the login screen […]