Clemson University File Storage Options

The Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) organization provide students, faculty, and staff with a variety of file storage options for retaining and sharing institutional data. The options include file storage hosted at Clemson (U:/ and H:/ network drives) as well as storage provided by approved Cloud Vendors (Box, OneDrive, Google Drive).  The table below […]

CCIT Remote Work Information

CCIT has developed guides for our students, faculty, and staff as a primer for technologies to help you succeed while working and studying remotely. Each page will provide an introduction to technologies relevant to you, explain why they are important, and provide resources for getting started with each. However, our most important piece of advice […]

How to Turn Off Outlook Offline Mode

Offline Mode prevents Outlook from attempting to send and receive messages over the internet.  You can determine if Outlook is in Offline mode by looking at the bottom right of the Outlook window.  There, it will either say ‘Connected to:  Microsoft Exchange’ or it will say ‘Working Offline’ and list when it was last updated. […]

Office365 Web Access

In any browser type At this point your browser will redirect to  This will happen when you hit the tab key to type your password in.  Once all the redirecting finishes it should end up at a Clemson University looking page that is Here you can type in your password and when […]

Links to internet help documents

Article on how to fix Outlook and Windows Search.  

Outlook saved password

When you change your password for campus your saved password for Outlook will most likely have to be changed separately, here are the steps.