Innovative Millennium software install.

NOTE:  If you try to install Millennium on a computer that is not on Clemson’s campus, you will need to connect to Clemson’s VPN.  Connecting to the VPN will allow access to the H:\ drive as well as Millennium.  Information on how to connect to the VPN can be found here:   The millennium […]

Catalog Record Displays

The table below includes the following: the MARC tags, indicators, and subfields that display for the associated record type the order of the Innovative field group tags and MARC labels that display for the associated record type the MARC labels that display for the associated record type Bibliographic Records   Innovative Field Group Tag MARC […]

Print Templates

Print templates provide a flexible and customizable output of specific print jobs. Print templates also provide enhanced support for printing diacritics and images like logos and barcodes, and an option to save print jobs to disk in PDF format. These templates replace legacy printing in that one or the other is used for the various […]

Circulation – Emailing Date Dues

Millennium Circulation offers the Email to Patron printer option in the Select Receipt Printer dialog. When this option is selected, the system sends date due information via email to the current patron. Note: Date due receipts are emailed (or printed) when items are checked-out or renewed and once the patron record is cleared (i.e., when […]

Transferring an External File of Barcodes to a Review File

To transfer a file of barcodes to a review file: Open Notepad++ This text editor can be downloaded at Ensure each barcode appears on its own line Add the prefix n: to each barcode Select Search > Replace (Ctrl+H) Enter caret character (^) in Find what text field Enter n: in Replace with text […]