How to Turn Off Outlook Offline Mode

Offline Mode prevents Outlook from attempting to send and receive messages over the internet.  You can determine if Outlook is in Offline mode by looking at the bottom right of the Outlook window.  There, it will either say ‘Connected to:  Microsoft Exchange’ or it will say ‘Working Offline’ and list when it was last updated. […]

New location for Cobian Backup

How to Update the backup location for Cobian Backup     Step 1: To access the Cobian software, you will need to double click on the system tray icon. This icon is located in the lower right corner of the screen, near the clock (see Img 1). After you have double clicked the system tray […]

Turn off the initial Novell Login

On the taskbar on the bottom right corner of the screen, right click on the OES Icon (fig. 1) or the Novell icon (fig. 2)       In the menu that pops up, click Client properties (or Novell Properties) at the very bottom of the menu. When the Client/Novell Properties window pops up, click […]

Innovative Millennium software install.

The millennium client is available on the G: drive located in g:\software\(Millennium)Triple I Client\(Millennium)Triple I Client\milup160_02.exe. Double click the milup160_02.exe file.  You may not see the .exe extension if your computer is not set to show all file extensions.  Once the install starts follow the on screen prompts. You can take the defaults here or […]

Create labels(folders) in Google Webmail

In the google webmail( find a message that you want to filter and check the box next to it. Click on the Labels option to the left of “More”, has a tag symbol on it. Select “Create new” at the bottom. Give it a name under “Please enter a new label name:” – And hit […]

Office365 Web Access

In any browser type At this point your browser will redirect to  This will happen when you hit the tab key to type your password in.  Once all the redirecting finishes it should end up at a Clemson University looking page that is Here you can type in your password and when […]

Turn Off 2-sided Printing (duplex) on Ricoh MP C2503/C5503

Click the Windows Button Type ‘Control Panel’ into the Search box in the Windows Menu Choose ‘View Devices and Printers’ under Hardware and Sound (if you are in Category Mode) or choose ‘Devices and Printers’ (if you are in either Large or small icon mode) Right click on the Ricoh MP C2503 / C5503 printer […]

Restart the Print Spooler

Click Start, type “Services.msc” (without the quotation marks) in the Search box and press Enter. Double-click “Printer Spooler” in the Services list. Click Stop and click OK. Click Start, type “%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers” in the Start Search box and press Enter, delete all files in this folder. Click Start, type “Services.msc” (without the quotation marks) in the […]

Install ‘Cooper Public’ printer on Mac OSX

Before you begin, make sure that the “Student Printers and Plotters” are installed on the Mac.  The installer can be found here:   To manually install the ‘Cooper Public’ printer on OSX: Open System Preferences Click Printers & Scanners Click the “+” button (lower left hand corner) Hold down the command and control keys […]