Print Templates

Print templates provide a flexible and customizable output of specific print jobs. Print templates also provide enhanced support for printing diacritics and images like logos and barcodes, and an option to save print jobs to disk in PDF format. These templates replace legacy printing in that one or the other is used for the various types of print jobs, but not in a way where default printing is no more or changed.

To use print templates one must be authorized for functions 282 (Preview Print Templates) and 283 (Update Print Templates tab).

Enabling Print Templates

Print templates are enabled on a login-by-login, output-by-output basis in Admin > Settings > Print Templates tab. For example, Circulation staff may use print templates for hold slips and notices whereas Technical Services and Collection Management staff may use print templates for monographic spine labels only. Also, not all Circulation staff may print hold slips or email notices, and so not all Circulation staff member’s logins need such print templates enabled.

Print Templates Menu Path

Print Templates Menu Path

Print Templates Settings Tab

Print Templates Settings Tab

To enable print templates for a login:

  1. Choose the Print Templates tab from Admin > Settings
  1. Choose the form type (e.g., Spine Label, Overdue Notice) from the Output Type drop-down
  1. Ensure that the Use Print Templates box is checked
  1. Add to or remove from your list of Preferred Templates for the selected output type by doing the following:
    • Add to list   Print Templates Add Arrow     Select the template in the Other Templates list and click the left arrow
    • Remove from list    Print Templates Remove Arrow    Select the template in the Preferred Templates list and click the right arrow
  1. To enable or limit template choices, select an option from the Select Template drop-down:

    •  Prompt for template – The system prompts for a template choice to be made for the first email/print job. The chosen template is then used for the rest of the Millennium session.
    • Always prompt for template – The system prompts for a template choice to be made for every email/print job
    • A specific template – The system lists the templates you have added to the Preferred Templates list. If a specific template is chosen from the Select Template list, then the system automatically uses this template when emailing/printing the form specified in the Output Type box.
  1. Choose Save Settings and OK


Print Template Types In Use

Module Output Type Template Name and Description File Name
Cataloging Spine Label Spine SpineLocalDymoNormal LC2.jrxml
Circulation Bills Notice Owe bill CU_BillsandFines.jrxml
Courtesy Notice Due courtesy CU_Courtesy.jrxml
Due Slip DueSlip date due slip CU_Date_Due_Slip.jrxml
Fines Notice Owe fine CU_BillsandFines.jrxml
Hold Cancellation Notice Holding cancel CU_Hold_Cancel.jrxml
Hold Pickup Notice Holding pickup CU_Hold_Pickup.jrxml
Holdshelf Slip Holding hold_slip CUHoldSlip.jrxml
Overdue Notice Due overdue CU_Overdue.jrxml
Recall Notice Recall recall CU_Recall.jrxml
Statement of Charges Statements summary charges  CU_Statement_of_Charges-print.jrxml


Print Template Types Not In Use

Module Output Type
Cataloging Routing Slip
Circulation Adjustments Notice
Hourly Overdue Notice
INN-Reach Holdshelf Slip
INN-Reach Paging Slip
INN-Reach Paging List
INN-Reach Pick Up Anywhere Paging Slip
INN-Reach Transit Slip
Item Page Slips
Item Page List
Manual Fines Notice
Organization Charges
Payment Receipt
Statement of Checked-out Items
Title Page List
Transit Slip


Last updated on 06/19/2015