Circulation – Emailing Date Dues

Millennium Circulation offers the Email to Patron printer option in the Select Receipt Printer dialog. When this option is selected, the system sends date due information via email to the current patron.

Note: Date due receipts are emailed (or printed) when items are checked-out or renewed and once the patron record is cleared (i.e., when a different patron record is retrieved or the current one closed).

To email date due receipts:

  1. Select the Email to Patron option from File > Select Printer > Receipt Printer
  • Before sending, the system verifies the email address. For example:
Email to Patron Address Confirmation

Email to Patron Address Confirmation

  1. Choose Yes (or press “y”) to email or choose No (or press “n”) to print to a physical printer. Note that the system retains the last used printer setting after not only the patron record is closed but also after the client is closed. If the Email to Patron printer option is to be the “default,” this then means that after the occasional request for a physical receipt copy the Email to Patron option will need to be selected again from within the File menu.

Patron Record Without Email Address

If the current patron record has no Email Address field (or if there is no current patron record), the system prompts for a temporary email address before emailing. For example:

Temporary Email to Patron Address

Temporary Email to Patron Address

To continue emailing the receipt, enter an email address and choose OK. Note that the system does not modify the patron record when you enter a temporary email address. To print the receipt instead, choose Change Printer and select a different printer from the Select Printer dialog.


Emailed date due receipts take the place of printed ones. This means date due receipts are either emailed or printed, but not both. Should a patron want a receipt printout instead, the last right click command, Print Table, applied to an item (or items) in one of the Patron Information Tabs (e.g., Check Out, Checked-Out Items) is an alternate way to print a list of checked out items.


See also: Enabling Print Templates


Last updated on 08/11/2016