ILLiad Circulation – Searching

ILLiad WebCirc (or web circulation) is a web view of basic ILLiad functionality. This tool allows staff to check items out and in as well as mark items for transit. WebCirc allows staff users to perform these basic ILLiad functions on a workstation that does not have the ILLiad client installed. Clemson’s WebCirc is accessible at and with an ILLiad username and password.

Searching for Requests


ILLiad WebCirc Requests tab

  1. To search for requests, click on the Requests tab on the WebCirc main menu.
  1. Enter request information. Searches are limited to ILLiad transaction number (TN), ISBN/ISSN, Journal, Title, or Author.
  1. Results display in a grid under the search box. Click on the Transaction Number to view details about the request.

ILLiad uses various statuses to track requests and control workflow. In WebCirc, requests will only display in a search if they are at one of the following statuses:

  • Awaiting Customer Contact = We have received the item here at Clemson from the lending library and are currently processing it and getting ready to inform the patron it has arrived.  It will then move to the “Customer Notified via E-mail” queue.
  • Customer Notified via E-mail = We have received and processed the item. We have had ILLiad send an email to the patron letting them know their item has arrived and is waiting for them to pick it up (or for it to be sent via document delivery). The next place it will go is the “Checked Out to Customer” queue.
  • Checked Out to Customer = The item has been completely processed by the ILL staff and is awaiting pickup by the patron or delivery by document delivery. It will remain in this queue until it is checked back in in ILLiad. This queue does not necessarily mean the patron has the item, since we move it here when we put things on the hold shelf or put them on the cart for document delivery, but it (in most cases) means the item has left the ILL office.


  1. From the request page, one can view citation information and basic user information.

Searching for Users


ILLiad WebCirc Users tab

  1. To search for users, click on the Users tab on the WebCirc main menu.
  1. Enter user information. Searches are limited to Username, First Name, Last Name, Department, Status, or SSN (e.g., CU XID, TigerOne barcode, etc.).

ILLiad uses a separate authentication method from other software available on the Clemson network. Hence, ILLiad usernames and passwords will not always be the same as those used to log in to other campus systems like email and iRoar.

  1. Users with matching criteria display in a grid under the search box. Click on the Username to view the user’s information and any of the user’s requests.

The Location field in WebCirc specifies where users want their loan requests delivered. The six different pick-up location choices are:

  • Arch Lib Hold for Pickup
  • Cooper Hold for Pickup
  • Delivery to Dept Office
  • Mail Off Campus Address
  • Tillman Hold for Pickup
  • UCG Hold for Pickup
  1. From the User Information page, one can click on a specific Transaction Number and make changes to the request from there.


Last updated on Dec. 12, 2014