ILLiad Circulation – Tasks

ILLiad WebCirc (or web circulation) is a web view of basic ILLiad functionality. This tool allows staff to check items out and in as well as mark items for transit. WebCirc allows staff users to perform these basic ILLiad functions on a workstation that does not have the ILLiad client installed. Clemson’s WebCirc is accessible at and with an ILLiad username and password.

Quick Tasks

ILLiad WebCirc Quick Tasks

ILLiad WebCirc Quick Tasks

  1.  Enter or scan the ILLiad transaction number (TN) into the box next to the name of the function you want to perform: Mark Received, Check Out, or Mark Returned.


Mark Received
Marking an item received is for transactions at an In Transit status. Only staffed ILL pickup locations like Gunnin and Tillman will receive items at the In Transit to Pickup Location status. This operation will change the status to Awaiting Customer Contact at which point the System Manager automatically sends patrons email notifications about the ILL item now available for pickup.
Check Out
Checking an item out will change the status of the request from Customer Notified via E-mail to Checked Out to Customer.
Mark Returned
Marking an item returned will change the status of the request from Checked Out to Customer to In Transit from Customer.


  1. Click on the button next to the box you entered or scanned the transaction number.
  1. A message will appear at the top of the page indicating if the operation was successful or not.
    • If a patron is blocked from using ILL, a status message will be displayed to alert the staff member.