Does the Library Have My Textbook?

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As a general rule, academic libraries don’t buy textbooks, but read on to see how the library can help you find yours.

textbooksIn the United States libraries like ours don’t usually buy textbooks because they are highly specialized and new editions come out often. So, be careful, because if we do own a copy of your textbook it is likely to be an older edition than your professor wants. Also, even if we own your textbook, you probably won’t be able to check out the book for the whole semester.  However, there are a number of ways you can search to see if you can access the textbook you need through the library.

Check Reserves to See if Your Professor Made a Copy of Your Textbook Available
Sometimes professors put a copy of the class textbook on reserve for you at the Circulation Services Desk. You can search Course Reserves for your professor’s name or the course you are taking. Course materials can be checked out from the desk for a few hours or a few days depending on your professor’s instructions.

Search the Library’s Catalog for Your Textbook
You can search the library’s catalog by title or author name to search for your textbook. Again, the library is not likely to have the most recent edition of your textbook.

Search PASCAL For Your Textbook
If Clemson does not have the book you need, you can check out books from other libraries in South Carolina using PASCAL Delivers. You will need your Clemson ID and password to request a book from PASCAL and it typically takes 3 business days to get to Clemson. Once your book is here, you can pick it up from the Circulation Services desk.

Other Options for Getting Your Textbook
Remember, the Clemson bookstore sells textbooks and has options for renting copies of textbooks to students. Contact the bookstore for more information.

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