A Winner at the Library

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winnerCongratulations to Joshua Hardin!  He won a $10 Subway gift card in appreciation of completing a “Coop Wants to Know” survey about the technology equipment available for checkout from the Circulation Services desk.

Thanks to all of you who completed our survey!

Be on the lookout for more surveys and chances to win  before the end of the semester.

Lost Something?

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Lost_and_FoundWe may have found it!

It’s spring and the weather is unpredictable. We usually have on a jacket or sweatshirt in the morning, but by afternoon it’s warm. So you take it off and often leave it somewhere (usually in the library). Plus there’s all the STUFF we carry with us; cell phones, calculators, umbrellas, etc.

Where do you look if you think you’ve lost something in the library?

The Security Desk, near the exit doors, is home base for all lost and found items. If you find something, take it there. If you’ve lost something, check there first!

Try to put your name on anything and everything you carry with you.

Book Review — Ready Player One

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readyplayeroneCline, Ernest.
Ready Player One: A Novel.
New York: Crown, 2011.
Popular Reading, PS3603.L548R43 2011.

“‘I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world. I didn’t know how to connect with the people there. I was afraid, for all of my life. Right up until I knew it was ending. That was when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real. Do you understand?’”

The year 2044 is a mixed bag: an ongoing global energy crisis, catastrophic climate change, war, and the Great Recession have left many unemployed, hungry, and homeless; but, citizens of the year 2044 do have one refuge: a free virtual utopia known as the Ontologically Anthropomorphic Sensor Immersive Simulation, or the OASIS. The OASIS, a free massively multiplayer online game that has evolved into a globally networked virtual reality over time, is where most human interaction now takes place, and OASIS credit, valued higher than the dollar, euro, or yen, is one of the world’s most stable currencies.

Created by James Halliday, the OASIS contains thousands of simulated realms and is the world’s largest public library, offering access to every book, song, movie, television show, video game, and piece of artwork ever made. Just before his death Halliday announced a contest: somewhere in the OASIS are three hidden keys which will open three hidden doors. Players must follow clues and use their knowledge of ‘80s pop-culture – an obsession of Halliday’s and a prominent feature of the OASIS – to find the keys, open the doors, and reach the Easter egg at the end. The first player to find the egg will inherit Halliday’s immense fortune. Immediately following this announcement, a worldwide Hunt began.

Teenager Wade Watts lives a grim life with his aunt in the Portland Avenue stacks – a collection of trailers stacked on top of one another to maximize ground space as a result of a national urban housing shortage – just outside of Oklahoma City. Wade is overweight, awkward, and bullied by his peers and consequently, he is most comfortable when jacked into the OASIS. Over the years, Wade has dedicated every second of free time to exploring the OASIS in the form of his avatar, Parzival and studying ‘80s pop-culture. Wade dreams of finding Halliday’s hidden egg, but when he finally stumbles across the first key, Wade learns that many in the OASIS are willing to kill for Halliday’s egg – both in the OASIS and in reality.

Ready Player One is a meta-heavy ‘80s pop-culture encyclopedia. The work’s main characters spout ‘80s cinema, music, and arcade game knowledge, while playing one game after another inside the virtual reality of the OASIS. Hundreds of ‘80s references crammed into one book should be completely overwhelming, but in fact, many of the references are integral to the plot of the work and as such are introduced in ways that are relevant and manageable to the reader. A fast-paced, entertaining, and unpredictable plot with a ringing message at its core, Ready Player One is a must-read title for every self-labeled geek, nerd, or gamer.

Pssst…P211 Moves to Special Collections

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secret bookHave you heard of P211? Have you heard of the Secret Book?

The book, a tradition for graduating seniors, is now part of our Special Collections Library.The decision to move the original book and its mementos and ephemera to Special Collections was made to preserve the book because of its delicate condition.

We’ll have a volume in Cooper Library for each year’s seniors to sign. The current year is available now.

If you want to view the older volumes and mementos, you can visit the Special Collections Library during their regular hours, 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

All About Adobe — Book Display

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adobe book display smallThe April book display on the TAPS bookshelf is all about Adobe.

Books pulled for the display contain instruction on Adobe programs such as Audition, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premier.  The display will be up throughout the month, and everything on display is available for checkout.

Prefer in-person help, instead?  Go by Cooper’s Digital Studio!  The Studio, located in room 412 (right next to the elevators on the 4th floor), has a variety of equipment and resources to assist students, staff, and faculty with anything and everything related to the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Find out more about the Digital Studio by visiting the Studio’s guide.

Do you have a display suggestion?  Tell us your ideas by clicking on the About tab of the Display Guide or grab a suggestion card from the New Books Display and drop it by the Circulation Desk.


Research Librarians – When & Where You Need Them!

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Did you know that Clemson University has Embedded Online Librarians?Monitor

These folks are:

  • dedicated to the success of Clemson Online and its students
  • ready to provide general and course-specific help with information sources
  • knowledgeable about social media (“web 2.0″) integration in higher education
  • comfortable with the Blackboard LMS

Librarians can create written instructions and video tutorials that help students with research and other domains of the library. They can also design, implement, and evaluate projects and assignments that develop information fluency and locate and select print, online, and digital instructional materials. Questions about copyright? They can help! 

Check out this page for more information: http://clemson.libguides.com/onlinelibrarian

Midweek Music, April 8

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music-note-8Our next Midweek Music performance is Wednesday, April 8.

Come hear the Clemson University Classical Guitar Ensemble perform works by Pink Floyd, Sting, The Beatles, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Henry Purcell, and Christoph Nichelmann. Directed by David Stevenson, who will also perform, the student ensemble includes Maggie Boyd, Brenton Davis, Riv Jenkins and Edward Tafel.

Join us the lobby of Cooper at 12:30pm for a 30 minute concert.

Researcher of the Month – Dr. Dominic Mastroianni

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MastroianniAssistant Professor, American Literature & Literary Theory

This month’s research was nominated for his scholarship and use of Clemson Libraries resources. Dr. Mastroianni joined the Clemson faculty in 2008 and has kept busy teaching and publishing since then. He has published several articles, reviews, interviews, and a book. The Melville Society awarded his 2011 article “Revolutionary Time and the Future of Democracy in Melville’s Pierre” the 2012 Hennig Cohen Prize for “excellence in scholarship and writing in an article or book chapter on Melville.”

We asked Dr. Mastroianni a few questions to get to know him better. His favorite spot on campus is at the big oak tree (and its departed oaken neighbor) near Daniel and his favorite hobby when he can find the time is playing mandolin and guitar with his friends. When asked what the Libraries have done for him lately, Dr. Mastroianni responded:

“When the library acquired the American Periodicals Series Online database, I was thrilled to gain access to invaluable documents used by scholars and students of American literature, culture, and history. My first book would not be what it is without American Periodicals Series Online.”

Current students, faculty, and staff of Clemson University are eligible for recognition. For more information about the program and the nomination form, visit our Researcher of the Month guide.