Winter Break Hours

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winter_breakCooper Library will move to our holiday hours schedule starting tonight at 9:30pm. You can see a complete schedule on our Hours page.

Cooper Library will be CLOSED from Saturday, December 20 through Sunday, December 28. Hours for Monday, December 29 through Wednesday, December 31 are 8:00am until 5:00pm. We will be closed on Thursday, January 1, 2015.

Our hours on Friday, January 2, 2015 are 8:00am until 8:00pm.

Our branch libraries: Gunnin Architecture Library, Special Collections Library, the Library Depot, and the Tillman Media Center all have their own holiday hours.

We wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons!

See you next year!

Book Review-The Invention of Hugo Cabret

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InventionofHugoCabretSelznick, Brian.
The Invention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures.
New York: Scholastic, 2007.
Children’s/Young Adult PZ7.S4654Inv 2007

“‘I like to imagine that the world is one big machine. You know, machines never have any extra parts. They have the exact number and type of parts they need. So I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.’” – page 378

Hugo Cabret is a thief. Orphaned when his father dies in a fire and sent to apprentice with his uncle who himself soon disappears, Hugo is left to live alone in a Paris train station. Twelve-year-old Hugo must steal to survive, but after a while, he begins stealing more than just milk and croissants: Hugo steals the automaton his father had been working to restore before his death, and Hugo steals toys and small parts from a toy booth in the train station so that, using his father’s notebook, he can begin to restore the automaton himself.

When the old man running the toy booth catches Hugo stealing, Hugo agrees to pay his debt by working at the booth. Hugo juggles his time at the booth, where he watches the old man perform card tricks and meets Isabelle, the old man’s goddaughter, with tending the station clocks and with – what is quickly becoming an obsession – repairing the automaton. But as Isabelle rekindles Hugo’s love of movies, as the old man introduces Hugo to magic, and as Hugo finds a book combining the two with his own mechanical skills, Hugo’s world begins to change.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a fictional tale, but the story is grounded in fact: Georges Méliès, a prominent figure for Hugo and Isabelle, was an actual filmmaker, the films mentioned in Selznick’s work are real, and Méliès’ collection of automata, which was donated to and neglected by a museum in Paris, serve as inspiration for the story. But the realistic and layered plot is only part of Selznick’s exceptional tale. In The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Selznick seamlessly combines straightforward text with film stills, actual sketches by Georges Méliès, and his own intricate full-page black-and-white cross-hatching to create a visually stunning and wholly unique reading experience.

Interlibrary Loan Converting to Clemson UserID Login

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MonitorWe will be updating login authentication to the Interlibrary Loan system during the week of December 15th. Once we’ve updated the system, you’ll be able to login and place ILL requests using your Clemson UserID and password. If you already have an Interlibrary Loan account your history, current loans, and outstanding requests will be available with your Clemson login.

While we are updating the system, you’ll still be able to log in with your existing Interlibrary Loan username and password.

Current users will be notified by e-mail as soon as the transition to the new system is complete. Some patrons may need assistance to change over or set up a new account.

If you have any questions, please contact our Interlibrary Loan staff at, 864-656-5186 or our Sarah Lohmann, Systems Support Manager at, 864-656-5173.

Undergraduates Can Now Check Out Journals

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CheckYou asked for it! You got it!

A couple of weeks ago we got a suggestion in our online suggestion box asking why undergraduates couldn’t check out magazines and journals.

That got us to thinking about our policies and we have changed the one preventing undergraduates from checking out magazines, journals, bound journals (multiple issues bound together into one volume) and newspapers. You can check out 3 for 3 days.

So, go ahead and if you see that People magazine and want to spend more time reading it, you take it to the Circulation Services desk and check it out!

If you have questions, ask a librarian.


Before Break Return Reminder

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CalendarRemember to turn in any items checked on on your account (library or Interlibrary Loan books, DVDs, CDs, or equipment) before you leave town for winter break. Often students forget to turn in items, and then accumulate fines for overdue fees or for recalled books. Check your library account online to see if there are any library items checked out to you.

Remember that you can renew some items unless it they have been recalled. Equipment and journals can not be renewed and Popular Reading items can only be renewed once. Packing library items away in storage, or leaving with library books, can result in large fines or replacement fees. So be careful!

Others can recall items at any time, which limits your checkout period, and can assess at $1/day overdue fine. So don’t assume you don’t have to return items until your original due date.

If you rented a locker for this semester only, then your key is due by Saturday, December 13. Lockers cannot be renewed.

Contact the Circulation Services Desk at (864) 656-1557 if you have any questions about your account.

Updated Request a Journal Article Form

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PencilWe have updated our Request a Journal Article form for Delivery Services.

The form still requires a Clemson ID and password to access. It looks a little different, but the functionality is much the same. The only real difference is now you can choose to either paste your entire citation into a field, or use multiple fields, whichever works best for you. You will receive an email confirmation of their request.

We have a redirect in place in case you’ve bookmarked this form on your computer. This redirect is to remain in place for 6 months, to allow links to be updated.

If you have any questions, please Ask A Librarian.

Bazinga! Book Displays!

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Cooper has two new displays up this month!

First, on the New Books Shelf is a Sheldon Cooper display, where you will find the first season of The Big Bang Theory, along with all things Sheldon: trains, Texas, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, comics, cats, and of course, theoretical physics.



Then, atop the TAPS shelving is a Best Of 2014 display, which includes some of the best items published this year pulled from the Children’s/Young Adult section, Popular Reading, and main stacks collections.



Check out our Display libguide for more information and search OneClickDigital for similar items in eBook or eAudiobook format.

Library Classes This Week

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Our goal is to serve students, faculty, and staff with free learning opportunities. We are here to help you learn how to use library resources, search the internet effectively, and find, use, and credit the information sources you need.Library-Training-Logosm

Here are the classes we’re offering this week:

How to Narrow A Topic
Tuesday, December 2
11:00am – 11:30am
Room 204, Cooper Library
Description: A useful number of search results is somewhere between 0 and 100,000. Get inside tips on how to focus your search, get results that are most relevant, and avoid having to wade through page after page of not-so-useful search results.
Register now.

Get It, Write It, Cite It
Wednesday, December 3
8:00pm – 10:00pm
Lobby, Cooper Library
Description: Drop by the table in the lobby staffed with librarians and Writing Center staff to help you finish up those mid-term projects.
Register now.

Building a Better Search (online only)
Thursday, December 4
12:00pm – 12:20pm
Description: Get insider tips from a librarian to make your searches quicker, stronger, and more search-tastic!
Register now.

Technical Writing
Thursday, December 4
2:00pm – 2:30pm
Description: What is it? Why is it important? How do you do it? Get your questions answered and get inside tips on how to make technical writing go as smoothly as possible.
Register now.

See more on our classes and training calendar. Questions? Ask a Librarian.