Intersession Hours

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Cooper Library is operating on intersession hours this week. Intersession dates are Saturday, May 2 – Tuesday, May 12.

Cooper Library’s hours are:

Day  Date Hours
Monday – Friday May 4- May 8 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday May 9 – May 10  CLOSED
Monday May 11 8:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday May 12 8:00am – midnight

Find complete hours information for service desks and our branches on our hours page.

Java City and the P.O.D. Store at Cooper are closed for intersession. They will reopen on Monday, May 11. Java City opens at 8:00am and the P.O.D. at 10:00am.

Both locations have summer hours.

Single Service Point: 2 Desks = 1

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Face3On Monday, May 4 we are merging our Research Services and Circulation Services desks in order to serve you better. The new Library Services desk will be a one-stop service point for all your information and checkout needs.

Who should you talk to when you have a question, need to pay a fine, or checkout a book or other material? Anyone at the Library Services desk! During the day, the desk is staffed with circulation staff, librarians, and student assistants. Any of them will be happy to help you!

Face2Hours for the Library Services Desk will be 7:30am until 10pm*. Reference librarians will be at the desk 10am until 5pm if you have an in-depth question but any person working the desk will be able to help you. We’ll still have our chat/text/email service but it’s moving off the desk, so we anticipate quicker answers for you from those services.

Near the end of May, we will literally be merging the desks; taking them apart and recreating them into one updated, redesigned desk. There will probably be noise and activity in Learning Commons East as the move takes place but we’ll let you know ahead of time. We’ll also be taking down the old CCIT desk. Face1Removing the unused desks will increase seating and study space in that area. We appreciate your patience during this process.

We hope this merger makes it easier for you to get the services and answers you need in the most efficient way possible!

*Except for this week (intersession); hours are 8am – 5pm.


Stay Vigilant! Or At Least Near Your Stuff

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ExclamationRight now is one of the busiest times in the library! It’s packed! And more people means more opportunities for bad behavior.

Cooper is a safe place, but PLEASE don’t leave your things laying around while you run to get coffee or go to the bathroom. 9 times out of 10 everything will be there when you get back but you don’t want to be the one crying to CUPD because your laptop was stolen.

We know it’s a pain to pack all your stuff up just to be gone for a minute, but a minute is all that it takes for someone to walk off with your laptop, your wallet, or more.

Library Pond Drained–What About Dabo & Tilly?

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Today is a perfect day for Dabo Duck.Over the weekend the library pond was drained. We know everyone is worried about Dabo Duck and Tilly. The folks in University Facilities spoke with some of the avian wildlife faculty in the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences about what would happen to Dabo Duck and Tilly when the pond was drained.

They were told that mallards usually move among several sites and said it would be surprising if they are only using the library pond. This may be why we don’t see them every time we are at the pond.

No one thinks draining the pond will cause any issues for the adult ducks since they would either just hang out until it was refilled or potentially leave for one of their other locations.  Typically, mallards would be nesting now if they have mated, and that the female would be spending the majority of her time sitting on the eggs. (Wouldn’t it be awesome they had babies!?)

The pond will be cleaned and the water replaced, hopefully by the end of the week.

We’ll keep an eye out for Dabo and Tilly. Maybe @Dabo_Duck will let us know where they are on Twitter.

Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day with Us

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MapWorld Intellectual Property Day is April 26.  We are celebrating today with a program highlighting increasing access to Clemson research via TigerPrints and the online catalog.

Join Clemson librarians; Lisa Bodenheimer, Jan Comfort, and Andy Wesolek from 11:00am until noon in Room 118 of the Academic Success Center for a panel discussion*.

Read more about the discussion at or on Facebook.

*with cake!

And the Winners Are…

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omar winner 1 omar winner 2Congratulations to Zachary Ward and Bobby Ley for entering the Special Collections Starbucks gift card contest and answering the question about Omar Ibn Said correctly!

The question was: “What language did Omar use to write his autobiography?” Omar Ibn Said, a West African Muslim and Arabic scholar, wrote his autobiographical narrative of his life in his native Arabic.

This interesting exhibit featuring the manuscript written by Omar is currently displayed in the Special Collections Library. All are welcome to come view the exhibit, but you need to hurry! It will only be displayed through graduation.

Research help at your fingertips…now THAT’S innovative!

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ChatDid you know that asking a librarian for help is just a click away?

You can live chat with a librarian most any time just by going to the library webpage!  You can tweet the library your questions…you can even ask us on Facebook!

And be sure to check out the Library Resources tab in your BlackBoard Account!  Helpful librarians are there for you when you need help, all you have to do is ask.  So, next time you’re struggling to find that last article or double checking your citation or wondering whether the sources you have chosen are reliable be sure to ask a librarian.  We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Celebrating Research and Innovation Month!