Holiday Hours – Thanksgiving

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happythanksgivingCooper Library will close on Tuesday, November 25 at 8:00pm.

Our hours for Wednesday, November 26 are 7:30am until 5:00pm.

We will be closed Thursday, November 27 through Friday, November 28. On Saturday, November 29, Cooper will open at noon and close at 5:00pm. Normal hours resume on Sunday, November 30.

As always, the Libraries’ webpage never takes a vacation and is never closed.

The weblog postings will be intermittent next week because of Thanksgiving Break. Look for new updates and Daily Photos again on Monday, December 2.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Study Zones and a Survey

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Welcome to another in our student blogger, Keanyn’s series, Confessions of a Serial Study-ier.

Confessions of a Serial Study-ier — Study Zones

I know many of you are already familiar with the study zones of the library, but for those who aren’t, here is a quick white board surveya

Study zones are our way of allowing students, faculty, etc. to get their work done without disturbing other patrons of the library. Our study zones consist of a collaborative zone, a quiet zone and a silent zone.

Collaborative Zones (2nd-6th floor)

  • Group Work
  • Conversation Permitted
  • Set phone to silent

Quiet Zones (Floors 2, 3, and 5)

  • Limited Conversations
  • Low speaking voice
  • Set phone to silent

Silent Zones (Floors 1, 2, 3, and 5)

  • Silent Study
  • No talking
  • Set phone to silent

In October, asked you about study zones and where you thought the different areas should be. According to those surveys, you guys wanted changes! To find out more about the changes you want, we got a different sort of survey.

On the third floor outside of the bathrooms and outside of Room 311 as well as on the second floor beside the drink machines y’all have an opportunity to tell us what YOU want the study zone to be. If you want your voice to be heard, hurry out to those areas and let us know what you want!

If you have any questions or comments about the study zones, please feel free to contact the Circulation Desk or the Security Desk, both located on the 4th floor of Cooper Library as well as leave them in our suggestion box.

Book Review – Hero

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heroMoore, Perry. Hero.
New York: Hyperion, 2007.
JUV PZ7.M7875He 2007

“Once in a while, life gives you a chance to measure your worth. Sometimes you’re called upon to make a split-second decision to do the right thing, defining which way your life will go. These are the decisions that make you who you are.” – page 273

Thom Creed is an outsider. Even though he volunteers at the town rec center, works shifts at a cafeteria, and is a star on the school basketball team, Thom doesn’t have many friends. Thom’s father, once renowned superhero Major Might, was blamed for a catastrophe that killed thousands of people, left him disfigured as well as a social pariah, and led to the disappearance of Thom’s mother, Invisible Lass. But beyond the stigma of simply being his father’s son, Thom doesn’t have many friends because people sense that he is different. Thom has recently discovered that he has superpowers, but the biggest difference between Thom and those around him is a secret that he can hardly face himself, and along with the secret of his healing abilities, it is one of many that Thom is keeping from his father.

Thom’s latest secret from his father is that he has been asked to attend superhero League tryouts. At tryouts, probationary superheroes are divided into teams; Thom’s team of misfits – Golden Boy (who has superspeed and a serious dislike of Thom, who he blames for his demotion from the League’s A-Listers), Miss Scarlett (who can burst into flames and has an attitude problem to match), Typhoid Larry (an unhealthy-looking kid who can make anyone around him fall ill), and Ruth (a little old lady who can see into the future) – are not exactly save-the-world material. But when two superheroes are found dead and Thom realizes the League has apprehended the wrong villain, Thom’s team may be Earth’s only chance at survival. Thom will have to face his biggest secret, and that will be just the beginning.

Hero is a unique coming-of-age story set in an alternate, but relatable reality where superheroes and supervillains are the norm. The story is told from Thom’s perspective; his sincere and often snarky reactions pull the reader in while lending credence to an already believable setting and plot. Thom’s host of issues, including his struggle to harness his superpowers, his struggle to patch up the strained relationship he shares with his father, and his struggle to accept his own sexuality are skillfully woven together and parallel the problems of friendship, love, and self-acceptance faced by readers today. Although the pace is a little slow at first and there a few mistakes in the writing here and there, Hero is a book for every reader – regardless of superpowers or sexual orientation.

Cookbooks Display

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cookbooks displaysmLooking for a new favorite recipe? It seems like the right time of the year. We have set up a display of cookbooks on the TAPS shelving this month!

A few of the items on display are:

Interested in more than just recipes?  Find books on the lives of famous foodies, food fiction, or movies about food on the libraries’ Recipes libguide.


Library Classes This Week

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Our goal is to serve students, faculty, and staff with free learning opportunities. We are here to help you learn how to use library resources, search the internet effectively, and find, use, and credit the information sources you need.Library-Training-Logosm

Here are the classes we’re offering this week:

Dialog with Cable Green about Open Education Resources
Tuesday, November 18
3:35pm – 4:05pm
Room 309, Cooper Library
Join internationally recognized expert Cable Green from Creative Commons to learn about how open educational resources (OERs) can benefit the Clemson community and how we as librarians can help faculty find and evaluate OERs for use in the classroom.
Register now.

Starting Your Patent Search
Wednesday, November 19
1:25pm – 1:55pm
Room 204, Cooper Library
Description: Let our subject specialist show you the basics of searching and locating patents!
Register now.

Write Here, Write Now! Research and Writing Lock Inwrite-here-write-now
Wednesday, November 19
8:00pm – 11:00pm
Digital Resources Lab (DRL)
Description: Let Your Procrastination work for you!  Have a final writing project that you keep putting off? Register for a 3 hour workshop lock-in with Writing Fellows and Research Librarians on hand to help.  Free food, giveaways, brainstorming sessions and procrastinative camaraderie await! The best part? You’ll leave that much closer to a completed paper!
Register now.

Check Out Equipment at the Library (online only)
Thursday, November 20
12:00pm – 12:20pm
Description: Learn about all the items and accessories we have available free for check-out.
Register now.

Library Research for Engineering
Thursday, November 20
3:30pm – 4:15pm
Room 204, Cooper Library
Description: Want to get started using the library for engineering research? Let the Engineering Librarian show you how it’s done. Topics covered include finding articles in specialized databases, using information from one article to find other relevant articles, and using RefWorks to keep track of everything.
Register now.

See more on our classes and training calendar. Questions? Ask a Librarian.

Fine, Fine, Fine.

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money-bag-xxlgrGetting a bunch of library fines isn’t fine at all. Don’t let money you owe the library keep you from registering for classes or graduating.

It’s so easy to keep track of materials you have checked out and renew them online, that you shouldn’t have any fines at all!

But if you do slip up and let something get overdue here’s how you can take care that pesky fine:

  • in person at the Circulation Desk with your Tiger 1 card
  • online with your Tiger 1 card, credit card, or by using your checking or savings account

If you do have fines, pay them by Monday, November 17. If you want to know more, go to our Circulation page and click on what you are; faculty, staff, grad student, undergrad, etc.

Open Education Presentation

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Cable visitDr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, will be speaking about the business and policy case for open educational resources (OERs):

Tuesday, November 18th
Hendrix Student Center, McKissick Theatre
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Cable Green works with the global open community to leverage open licensing, open content, open policies, and the affordances of digital things to significantly improve access to quality, affordable, education, and research resources so everyone in the world can attain all the education they desire. His career is dedicated to increasing access to educational opportunities for everyone around the world by helping to develop sustainable open business models with open policies: public access to publicly funded resources.

OERs maximize the benefits of digital publication by ensuring authors can distribute their works rapidly and globally while receiving proper attribution. They also allow teachers to have the rights to tailor existing resources to meet the specific needs of their classes, such as in online courses where these changes are prohibited by traditional “all rights reserved” textbooks. Perhaps most importantly, the adoption of OERs reduces or eliminates textbook costs for students. This cost savings could lead to better student success and retention, assuring that performance in the classroom will not suffer due to an inability to purchase required textbooks.

In his presentation, Dr. Cable Green will discuss specific examples where institutions, provinces/states, and nations have built effective business cases for OER. He will also explore how to build effective teams for institution/system-wide OER projects in a way that both builds high quality OER and takes institutions through the cultural shift to open.

For more information or to register for this event, please visit:

This event is co-sponsored by Clemson University Libraries and Clemson Online.

We Got Game!

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gaming display smGames are a gateway to deep and challenging learning – good games encourage problem-solving skills through the use of information, facts, and formulas, while offering feedback and assessment, and good games often inspire passionate fan communities.

The Digital Media and Learning Lab in Tillman Hall is a fun, creative, and interdisciplinary space on campus built with educational gaming in mind.

There are two areas within the DMLL: The Incubator and The Basement.  The Incubator is an area intended for app and game development, collaborative writing, audio production, and video production.  It offers access to games, production tools, and platforms like Minecraft, Kodu, GameStar Mechanic, GameMaker, Scratch, Alice, MIT App Inventor, Portal, Final Cut Pro, and Lego Mindstorms.  It also offers access to physical construction tools including Lego robotics, Sifteo Cubes, and building bricks.  The Basement is an area for experiential, social, and unrestricted game play through MMOGs, Xbox, Kinect, and Wii.

A display of educational gaming books from both Cooper Library and the Tillman Media Center has been set up on the 4th floor New Books Shelving.  Both Cooper and the Tillman Media Center also have a variety of technology available for checkout, which may be useful in a classroom setting as well as in a space such as that of the DMLL.  In addition to checking out books and technology from the libraries, you can learn more about the DMLL by visiting their website, you can attend open game nights hosted every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening in the game lab (room 229), or you can attend a meeting of The Super Smash Bros Student Organization, which meets Tuesday nights in the main lab media lounge (room 213).

Check out this guide to our current displays as well as the ones we’ve had in the past.